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και μη συσχηματζεσθε τω αιωνι τουτω,αλλα μεταμορφουσθε τη ανακαινωσει του νοος
εις το δοκιμαζειν υμας τι το θελημα τομ θεου, το αγαθον και ευαρεστον και τελειον.

( translation )
Headline News (4/18/2014)

Final Fortnight

For the last two weeks of the term (the so-called "dead week" and exam week), we will follow our usual practice of expanding our devotional offerings. Sext (midday prayer) will be prayed each weekday at 12:00 PM, and compline (night prayer) will be prayed each weeknight at 9:45 PM. Following sext, meridian will feature lunch, and ten-chow (chow at 10:00 PM) will follow compline.

Every effort will be made to ensure the that Chapel (including the undercroft, our lower lever fellowship area) is open from 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM every weekday as a place for study and relaxation. The undercroft features WiFi and a kitchen. For 24x7 access, contact the Chaplain.

A note on parking: parking at the Chapel is restricted at all times (except for Sunday services) to the residents of Luther House. Please do not park at the Chapel to take exams, go to the library, etc.. Luther House residents (and chapel staff) need unfettered 24x7 egress.

Augsburg Confession

What is the Church?

Our Course on the Augsburg Confession will conclude (for this year) on April 24, 8:30 - 9:30 PM, in the undercroft (lower level) of the Lutheran Campus Chapel. The April 24 session will look at a variety of topics ranging from the use of the sacraments to ecclesiastical order to civil government.

LutherhausReligious Housing: Apply for Luther House

If you are looking for a unique housing opportunity in the WVU neighborhood, consider living in an "oblate house."

Luther House will transition during the 2014-2015 into an "oblate house" in which residents pledge themselves to daily prayer and life as a religious community informed by Lutheran Benedictine spirituality according to the model established by the Congregation of the Servants of Christ (St. Augustine's House). Residents will have opportunities to make retreats at St. Augustine's House, a Lutheran Benedictine monastery.

Housing agreements can be made for an entire year, the summer, or a single semester. Sometimes additional rooms open up as students opt for overseas studies. Located directly behind the Chapel, Luther House is one block from the Beechhurst PRT and two from the Mountainlair. Residential membership fee for the oblate house is $500 per month (utilities included) with a $50 rebate if no vehicle is brought by the resident.

Applications are currently being accepted. Contact Chap. Riegel for details. For more information on facebook, click here.

Zach vacuums

Luther House Repairs

The Luther House has made some significant progress see we began major structural repairs last 18 months ago.

With the new king beam in place and the 2nd floor stabilized on the west side of the building, we could move ahead with finish work in the dining room and living room. Finally, we have a dining room, and Christian Thomas is already enjoying it.
More work needs to be done. Most immediately, the NW bedroom needs to be finished, and, then, attention  needs to be turned to the staircase.

A little background: We discovered, in the process of a minor wall repair, that load bearing elements had been damaged in an earlier renovation of the bathrooms (we think in the '40s or '50s). Experienced workers are always a great help in such a situation, but even the inexperienced can help. There is plenty of hauling, holding, lifting, etc., and you might just learn some new skills in the process.

Triduum Continues

The Three Holy Days that began last night with Maundy Thursday mass continues.

Good Friday (the remainder of the day)

The 7:00 PM Good Friday service (adoration of the Cross) will be held at St. Paul Lutheran Church (Evansdale) with Fr. Mike Hadaway preaching.

Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil begins at the Lutheran Campus Chapel at 8:00 PM. The New Fire will be burning on the porch as worshipers arrive. We will be at the Chapel for the Lucernarium, office of readings, and reaffirmation of baptism. We will then process by candlelight to Trinity Episcopal Church for the Eucharistic rite.


Easter Day begins with matins at St. Paul Lutheran Church followed by mass at 10:00 AM.

The Sunday evening schedule at the Chapel will be modified. Second vespers of the Resurrection will be prayed at 7:00 PM. A simple mass will follow at 9:00 PM.


Holy Week has been a bit of a blur, and we don't have time for a proper after action report. Nevertheless, we'd like to mention the Tenebrae held Wednesday night. Eleven brothers of the Epsilon Sigma chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia formed a schola to chant the psalms, providing a solid support for the congregational singing of the antiphons while, at the same time, expanding their own musical experience. We're waiting for a picture.

The Good Friday Tre ore was preached at Trinity Episcopal Church cooperatively between the local Lutheran and Episcopalian clergy.

Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, and Holy Wednesday were observed with matins at 7:30 AM, sext at 12:00 PM, vepsers at 7:30 PM, and compline at 9:00 PM.

It will be really nice to get back to a more relaxed schedule. Oh, wait, next week is dead week! R&R is just going to have to wait.


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After Ashes: Prayer

Though the heart is changed and mind illumined by God’s prevenient grace, both heart and mind must be exercised if they are to grow in holy affection and holy contemplation. To this end, God
not only grants the donation of his incipient grace but also provides means for our advancement in sanctification.

Lenten Sanctuary Days

We set aside one day each week of lent as a "sanctuary day." The day begins with matins (morning prayer) at 7:30 AM. Matins lasts about 20-25 minutes. Then, at 9:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 3:00 PM, we pray the "minor hours," terce, sext, and none. Each minor hour last 10-15 minutes. These liturgies have stood the test of time with roots going back before A.D. 500. People have asked, "What are they like?" Well, come and see. What you will find is, quite frankly, monastic in the Benedictine tradition.

Each sanctuary day, we'll serve a simple lunch after sext in keeping with Lent.

The Chapel will be kept intentionally subdued so as to maintain an environment conducive to prayer, contemplation, and spiritual counsel.

The next sanctuary day will be Monday, March 31. The last sanctuary day will be April 11.

Sanctuary Open for All

The Chapel sanctuary will be open every weekday from 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM. It may be open early and later. Come in to pray, think, read, or rest. Devotional resources will be available to guide your prayers, meditation, or contemplation.

HSC Sext

Every Thursday, we will gather at 12:05 PM for sext (midday prayer) at the HSC in the "Reflections Room" HSC 2001 (located off the main corridor near the HSC Library). After sext, you are invited to come down to the HSC cafeteria for fellowship and food (or water if you are fasting).

St. Augustine's House

Lutheran Monastery Reaches Out to Collegians &Seminarians

St. Augustine's House has issued a special invitation to collegians and seminarians to visit.

Spend a day, a week, a month at the only Lutheran monastery in America.  The Congregation of the Servants of Christ, living at St. Augustine's House in Oxford, Michigan, invites you for a time (whether long or short) of formation in the life of prayer.  Please make arrangements for dates and accommodations at or 248-628-5155.

For more information about St. Augustine's House, visit or speak with Chap. Riegel.

Chaplain Serves on Monastic Council

Chap. Riegel was elected by the chapter of the Congregation of the Servants of Christ, the Lutheran Benedictine body in the Western Hemisphere, to serve on the congregation's council. Riegel served on the council prior to the birth of his second daughter thirteen years ago. In fulfillment of his obligations, Riegel will be making a few trips each year to St. Augustine's House, a Lutheran Benedictine priory. There may be room on some of those trips for co-pilot. If you are interested in accompanying Riegel, let him know.

There and Back Again: How Do I Get to the Chapel? How Do I Get Home?

Monday through Saturday, the PRT and several buses serve the campus and surrounding community.  One concern, however, is getting home as these services shut down.  If you can get to the Chapel for a planned worship service or other activity, we can see that you get home.

WVU BusSunday mass transit is limited to the Sunday Shopping Shuttle (click for map & schedule).  This shuttle runs right past the Chapel with a 6:41 p.m. stop at the Mountainlair (only 1˝ blocks from the Chapel)...perfect for making 7:00 p.m. mass.  Unfortunately, West Run, The District, etc., are not on the route.  Let us know that you would like a ride, and we'll try to arrange a carpool in your area--try to give us a little lead time to work on this.  Again, if you make it to the Chapel, we'll get you home.

Chapel Parking is used by the Luther House residents, and they need unfettered access.  Please don't block the entrance (or park in the upper end of the driveway) or use the chapel as a place to leave your car while you go to the library or class.  Remember that, in the evenings, the university lots (#1 across from the chapel and those flanking Stansbury) are not patrolled.  Also, street parking is free on Sundays.

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